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Source code for the application includes SMBus communications, a general state-machine structure, and other useful routines. Look for LI1647.doc and PIC846.doc under « Other Software. » The charger status can be read out from the UART or by additional software residing in the µP. In this example, a small external µP enhances the MAX846A, forming a complete desktop-charger system that includes user-interface functions such as the LEDs in Figure 8 .

The MAX846A and MAX745 are both capable of stand-alone operation in charging Li+ batteries, and they include the high-accuracy reference and independent voltage and current control necessary for universal controllers. The MAX846A is a linear type, and the MAX745 is a synchronous-switching type. Though either can stand alone, they usually operate with a µC that provides limited control of the charging process. LED illumination and fast-charge termination are usually initiated by the software. The MAX846A includes a linear regulator and a CPU-reset output for the µC.

Microcontroller Tips

In initialization step, the configurations of microcontroller are reset. The microcontroller begins to scan the status of the touching key. If the touching key is triggered, it begins to read data from one RFID reader. Otherwise, it will wait for the players to trigger the touching key. The read data is compared with the setting value, and if they are equal, this challenge for the players is passed. When all of the challenges are passed, the program ends.

Troubleshoot Pneumatic Tool Problems With These Tips

You don’t want to leave a laptop in a remote estuary to measure water temperature, but you could leave a little microcontroller and low-cost temperature sensor in a remote location. A small robot can’t carry around a heavy laptop, but a small, light, low-power board could run a simple robot. You don’t want to use a computer for every small electrical measurement or embedded system control, but a $2 WiFi module would work.

This is also an opportunity to look for any ManualsDB damage or defects. Check your tools’ handles for splinters, breaks and cracks. Also, make sure that metal parts show no signs of corrosion or rust.

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